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On the warm summer evenings before harvesting, the wild boar (jabalí) secretly comes into our vineyards located next to the forests of the Cordillera Ibérica. Here amongst the old vines cultivated in slate soils it is free to choose the best grapes.

Agostón was born in 2008 and is now found in half the countries in the world. Daring, young, fruity, loved by everybody. Such is Jabalí, a great lover of the outdoors, with its feet on the ground, full of local character. Independent, intelligent, full of resources, modern, minimalist and, above all, practical, with its screw cap, Burgundy bottle and easy-open case. It likes colour, particularly red and yellow, the colours of the flags of Spain and Aragón. For all these reasons it is an example of the new Spain, and as such triumphs around the world.

Vino Jabalí - Paniza Wineries

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